parent reviews

What’s not to love about making sweet treats! My son loves making and eating goodies, crafts, and getting messy. This was his 4th camp with Pop! Arts and he’s asking me to sign him up for more. He has a blast every time.
— Elyse Rhodes
Pop Arts! offers well organized and fun themed camps that you can’t find anywhere else. Both my daughters loved the Crazy, Messy, Fun camp and the Fixer Upper Camp.
— Danielle M.
The experiences at these camps have left such a positive impression with my kids and my family. They absolutely love the teachers and have so much fun. It’s done a lot for their confidence and making friends.
— Lynne Schmidt
My son loved every day of camp. I wish it was all day instead of 3 hours a day.
— Leah Almstad
My daughter loved the slime class. She talked about it for a week! Would definitely do it again.
— Cherie Beil
I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making this camp so fun for the kids. It got rave reviews from Brody, and he said he was so sad that it was over today that he almost cried. That is not normal for my kid :) Thank you for making the past 3 days magical for him... We will absolutely be signing both boys up for camps in the future.
— Jen Saupe
This was a fantastic camp. Claire loved it and liked having so many supplies to use. The teachers were great! I would like to sign Claire up for another Fixer Upper camp.
— Lisa Smith
Slater loved this camp. The kids had a blast creating their house and having outside water time in the splash pad. Teachers were wonderful and made the days fun for the kids.
— Tammy Toomire
The instructors were friendly and were very enthusiastic about making slime! The kids had a blast!
— Jeff Herbert
You create the best classes/camps for the kids!! And Bailey May just loves it...never misses one!
— Jackie Ruetsche
They loved the projects, team games and meeting new friends.
— Mickey Crawford
My child loved Pop Star and Fixer Upper. She really likes the teacher and looks forward to the camps each session.
— Heather C.
I was very satisfied with the engagement and creativity. My daughter loved the teacher and the songs. She told everyone about her camp and has been counting down the days until the next one.
— Kim
Loved the teacher and the camps, my daughter always looked forward to her pop art classes.
— Klosinski
Fantastic Camp! My daughter had a wonderful time.
— Lindsey Haering
Maisy is having so much fun with this class. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but she always leaves happy and excited. She told me she wants to take more classes like this one. She’s been in dance and ballet for a while and has never asked for more of those classes. I just wanted to share her (and my) gratitude. Can’t wait to see all these adorable kids on stage.
— Laura Pressman
My kids always have so much fun at these camps. They light up every time I tell them that I have signed them up. The activities and teachers are all so great!
— Lynne Schmidt
My kids love you! I try to find fun and engaging summer camps, and my kids have attended several wonderful camps in and around Parker, so it speaks volumes that my seven year old declared that this Star Wars Camp was his favorite summer camp he’s ever attended. The creativity, warmth, and positive energy you bring to camps (and classes) are rare and not to be missed.
— Kally D'Alessandro
5 stars!
— Holley McManus
My daughter had a blast!!!
— Allison Carpenter
We LOVED this camp! Loved doing different things every day but also having some things that continued throughout the week. This was our third camp at the PACE center and by far our favorite!!
— stacy k.
They had a great time and are looking forward to summer camp. They came home and made a special potion for the grandparents.
— Mickey Crawford
Wonderful! Teacher great!!
— Kelli kessler
Fun, creative and active class for kids. Great to get kids used to being in front of a group.
— heather c.
You rock! Loved it all!!!
— Laura W.
They love your teaching! They love your class content! By far their favorite summer camp teachers/courses!
— Shayna T.
She had a great time meeting new friends with the same interest!
— Iris
Second time they have done the Harry Potter camp, Star Wars camp, Pop Star camp and Slime. They loved and can’t wait to do it again!
Loved the potions and surprise jelly beans, but his favorite was making candy. You guys were fantastic. My son wants to take more camps with you.
My daughter LOVED this camp! She was so excited to go each day and came home exhausted and full of details of her day. Thanks for such a great camp!
We are interested in ANY camp you put on in the future! My boys had SO much fun last week!
My daughter had a lot of fun putting her love for Harry Potter books and real crafts and games. Highly recommend this class for a young Harry Potter fan.
The Harry Potter camps are terrific! The instructor is creative, enthusiastic, and great with the kids.
The teacher and her helpers were amazing. My kiddos had so much fun!!
She loved it and I loved it too! You do such a wonderful job. We look forward to seeing you again:)
SO MUCH FUN!! My kids couldn’t wait to get to camp each day!
Thanks so much! He is having so much fun in your camps!!
Great camp! My daughter loved performing, and practicing - all of it!
It was perfect ! They had the best time everyday and hated to see it end.
My child loved the class and has done it three times now. Fun camp for kids.
Thank you for a wonderful showcase tonight! We loved it!
I loved that she was so excited to go each day and made new friends.
You do an amazing job, and she can’t wait for the next session.
Thank you for everything!!
I appreciate you and your class! The girls love it.
They said it was the best camp ever! We’ll be looking out for your camps in the future!
She absolutely loves your class and can’t wait to go each week!
Thank you so much! She had a BLAST!
Thank you! I think Pop Star has been his favorite camp this summer.
This has to be the most popular camp at PACE! Our kids are loving it!
This is my kids’ favorite camp! It has everything to do with the lead instructor who is wonderful with the children!
She loved learning about the birds!
Really loved it! He learned so much and was eager to tell me all about it.
Loved all of it!!!